B Breaks-Oxycontin


Every now and then a fucked up kid comes along. People either find him offensive, amazing or overrated. This will be B Breaks in 2012. Previously Breaks dropped a project with Dj Benzi. Many didn’t find it as palatable as Dj Benzi’s other artist Kid Cudi, Donnis or even XV.

But its a new year for the pill popper and with a new time comes a new sound. The debut Traffic x Lights brought insults and jabs at rappers including Beanie Sigel, Kid Cudi, Talib Kweli and Young Berg to name a few. It appeared B Breaks focused on his minimal popularity though, tweeting like crazy including posting a video of his doped up girlfriend and another girl lifting up their spirits with powdery substances. And going on random binges on Diplo rants didn’t help too much, especially when you’re to high to walk.

After much time off and rehab probably this is the rebirth of a boy who never made it. A guy who has the talent if he can stop doing stupid shit. This is the first song I truly enjoy by B Breaks. Its depressing, but sincere. Something we aren’t used to from his acts. It has a slow idm/uk dubstep vibe. Its the same B Breaks still as he raps about drugs and sex. But thats why you love him right?

B Breaks-Oxycontin


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